Rock N' Roll Clothing, Housewares and Accessories!

Sweet Punkette Designs started after I decided to quit my full time job to pursue my passion- creating! My love of music and fashion pushes my creativity, always evolving into new products!

All items are made by me. I love designing and creating- making something that didn't exist before, or using discarded and used items and making something new and beautiful. Many items are new, many are upcycled.

The name "Sweet Punkette" was chosen because that was my nickname given to me by Betsey Johnson. I was fortunate enough to be able to move to New York City to be her personal assistant for a couple years. She was my boss, and I got to know her very well, and she is still my idol. The nickname will always remind me of the amazing experience I had with her, and all that I learned from my crazy, beautiful time with her!

I make things that I love and feel passionately about, and hope that others love them, too.

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